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Rubber Calendar Machine

Our Calendar Machines are systems that are utilized to process a polymer soften into a film or sheet for further applications. It was originally made for treating rubber, yet these days, they are usually utilized for making thermoplastic sheets, films, coatings and many more products. The essential concept of our machines is that squishes a thermal melted polymer among the two or more integrated rollers to make a uniform sheet. Besides, the rolling section of these Calendar Machines is called nip. To start this procedure, the polymer pass through fluxing and blending prior to going through our machines. This makes simpler for our systems to handle the materials.

Three Roll Rubber Calender Machine

  • Warranty:01 Year
  • Power Consumption:7.5 - 100 Horsepower (HP)
  • Automatic Grade:Automatic
  • Material:Graded Steel Casting
  • Type:Rubber Calender Machine
Price: 250000 INR/Unit